Aristotle University’s School of Fine Arts at Agali

Agali Hotel Paxos is delighted to announce a visionary partnership with Aristotle University’s School of Fine Arts. This synergy unites the calm of our spaces with vibrant contemporary art, inspiring you to explore and connect with the contemporary Greek art scene. Step into a living gallery where slow comfort living meets the muse.

Gallery Rooms

Curated under the discerning eye of Professor Dimitris Zouroudis, the “Open Y @” visual arts group, Agali into a living canvas. Art breathes life into every corner, from guest rooms to shared spaces, each piece chosen to harmonize with and elevate our tranquil interiors. This bespoke collection, created by the University’s alumni, not only decorates spaces but also deepens the connection between aesthetics and experience.

Experience and Acquire

Admire and potentially own a piece of unique artistry as they will be available for purchase; each creation tells a story, enhancing your stay with deep cultural resonance. Engage with the artists through special events and guided tours, enriching your understanding of the creative process.